Presenting Carthage pottery

Located at Moknine, a region reputed, over more than two thousand years for the manufacturing of traditional pottery, the Carthage pottery has benefited from a rich cultural and artisanal heritage.

Carthage pottery relies on its know-how that is continuously progressing and growing, year after year, by rediscovering old skills.

This inherited know-how, the rich experience of the workers in Carthage pottery and the special clay quality in the area allow us to have worldly known and appreciated products.

Carthage pottery has a wide range of hand-made potteries: of functional use or decorative, clear-colored (natural baked earth) and various shapes and forms (vases, pots, jars …), for entries or indoor use, you will surely find the pottery that perfectly fits the atmosphere or the decoration you want to have.

Carthage pottery reserves for all its customers a whole team of experts whose aim is your satisfaction, whatever your needs and your locations.

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