Ellyssa´s pottery : ancestral art

Ellyssa Pottery is a starting totally exporting company founded in 2000 by Mr Adel Ellyssa.

Located in Moknine,  a region reputed,  over more than two thousand years for the manufacturing of traditional pottery,  the Ellyssa Pottery has benefited from a rich cultural heritage.

Ellyssa Pottery manufacture relies on its know-how that is continuously progressing and growing,  year after year,  by rediscovering old skills.

Its culinary and decorative pottery is authentic and traditional,  you will find in it subtle taste of past thanks to the natural properties of the baked clay.

All potteries made by Ellyssa Pottery are inspired from the archaeological and traditional heritage of Moknine :  faithful reproductions or simple interpretations.

 Moknine,  capital of traditional pottery in the Sahel

Moknine,  situated in at the middle of the Tunisian Sahel can proudly be called capital of the traditional pottery in this area.

Indeed,  many sheds have allowed their qualified workers to create and manufacture a great number of baked earth objects with harmonious lines of functional use or decorative,  worldly known and appreciated.

The pottery art has developed in Moknine over more than two thousand years,  since the Punic Era,  three centuries before Jesus-Christ,  and the Roman Era and still continues to develop.

This reality is due to the special clay quality in the area and also to the huge olive forests furnishing the wood.

These multiple civilisations have influenced and enriched the culture of pottery in Moknine,  which is well-known today as one of the best in Tunisia.

The Moknine pottery artisans have inherited the knowledge and a visible experience in their traditional methods of preparing clay as well as manufacturing it.